Thinking of summer, the first word that comes to mind is light. Women's matching clothes no longer need to be limited to bloated down jackets. We can easily match a variety of lightweight fashion styles. 😎

So what is the must-have light equipment for women in summer?🤔

—It's sandals!👡 

Wedge Sandals For Women

This pair of wedge sandals are the most popular sandals in our shop. Comfortable and lightweight, it can be matched with any clothes. 💕

Isn't this a pair of sandals that you must-have?😉 Never mind, in order to prove to you that I did not lie, I found my clients.🧐

How to use a pair of sandals to match a variety of styles?

My clients matched this pair of sandals in a variety of styles👇 :

1. Wedge sandals with jeans

✍️The principle of matching wedge sandals with jeans is that the ankle must be exposed to show the height and thinness. Either roll up the trousers or choose jeans under eighth.

Best Summer Sandals

Women who don't like to wear skirts in summer can choose wedge sandals with jeans.😉

The upper body is matched with strapless chiffon to inject a cool experience throughout the hot summer. This kind of match is the most suitable for a weekend outing in the suburbs.🤗

Compared with high-heeled shoes, wedge sandals give you a more comfortable walk, with jeans casual and neutral, casual collocation to create a lazy style.❤️

2. Wedge sandals with casual/tight pants

Speaking of army green, many people may think that army green is only suitable for autumn and winter, such as army green jackets or coats. Isn’t that true? 🤨

Summer Style For Women

Of course, this is incorrect. Army green is steady and low-key. If matched well, this neutral color system can best enhance the temperament. 🤔

Look at this beauty. White suspender T-shirt with army green slacks, plus beige wedge sandals. It feels neat and refreshing, and has a cool temperament.🤩

Sexy Sandals For Women

Many slightly fat women have a simple match but they can set off their figure well. Just like this beauty, she chose a slim top and black tight pants to better set off her figure. With a pair of beige sandals, add a little bit of color embellishment. The overall style is atmospheric and sexy.😻

✍️Note : Whether it's tight pants or casual pants, you must choose under eighth, exposing your ankles, so that you can look tall. 

3. Wedge sandals with skirts

Wedge Sandals Match skirts
Beige wedge sandals with a solid skirt. Not only is extra gentle and elegant, but it can also improve height. Casual collocation but not simple.😍

Black Sandals

Black wedge shoes with the same color hip skirt. Look! This is a fatal temptation for women! 😻 Not only enhances the femininity, but also demonstrates the noble and sweet temperament of women!

Red Wedge Sandals

We all know that the collocation of the same color is the simplest, and it is also the most advanced style.💖


Do you have such an must-have pair of shoes in your shoe cabinet? If so, welcome to share with us. 🤗


Thanks for your reading. Have a nice day!  😘 


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